Nov 13, 2009

" Begin With Yoga "

Why "Begin With Yoga"?
I do believe that we live in a world we are not aware of ... It is always a wonderful experience, the moment you realize that you haven't been aware, and in one second here it is and you meet it for the first time :) even to realize something as natural as Breathing.
For me this realization Began With Yoga. That's why I believe, in order to experience the wonderful lives of ours fully, as well as being aware of every experience, we need to Begin With Yoga :)
My journey which I like to call "my adventure" has began 6 years ago, when i met my wonderful yoga instructor Serpil Ozturk. I have been suffering from allergic asthma. Within couple months, even with one session a week, my attacks have stopped :) I was able to take in much more breath than I used to, as my posture became straighter and my lung capacity began to enlarge :) Even though, I could feel all the change in my physical body, every asana session I was amazed to meet my Body, which obviously, I wasn't aware that I had. I was observing and getting to know my body with every organ, bone, muscle etc. and the more I learned, the more I got healthier.... 
As time passed and my instructor introduced me to Reiki, I realzied that I can  Feel - truely:) I began watching my feelings, and my body's reaction towards my feelings. It's very interesting to see that when we get angry, we most likely tighten our stomach. As soon as you realize that you're tightening any muscle as a result of an emotion, try to relax it, believe me it will be as if you don't have the weight of that emotion, instead although your emotions are there and you're letting them be by watching them, you avoid having stomach problems :)
Experiences like these are very exciting, especially because they happen in you, in your body and you can live them first hand. That's why I like to call my journey - my adventure.
Now, I am still trying to get to know myself, my physical body and my emotions. And from time to time, as I listen to my body, I invite my mind to silence, to rest. So I watch, I witness what all is happening....
It is very special for me and I believe it is also very important that all human beings experience life fully. Because that's why we are living, to experience. And that is the reason for me to say "Begin With Yoga "