Apr 1, 2010

"with a gentle smile"

Everytime I witness, it amazes me.... How the universe works, always in my favor:) Just like always having green lights along the way...

Whenever I talk about "Breath and Breathing" I remember what I've learned from my yoga instructor and say:
"When you're feeling an extreme emotion - fear, anger etc.- take a look at your stomach. You'll realize that your stomach is most likely very tight, so are all your organs, and your breath is short and fast! You're probably very slowly killing yourself :) Next time, try to relax your stomach and take deep breaths.Your body will relax and be filled with Life - with long and slow breaths. You'll find yourself calming down, and peaceful."
I try to share this with everyone I know because I believe, this is a very useful technique for peace in our daily stressful lives.
But now, I finally understood what the universe has been telling me and just found out a more effective and easier way, although it's been in our lives forever!! A technique that most of the time we forget. A technique that makes us happy and spreads our happiness instantly!

A Gentle Smile :)

My amazing mother's name is "Esin", it's a turkish name that means "Inspiration". The truths is, that's what she's for me, my greatest inspiration. She's the reason, I'm who I'm today:) Of course, she wasn't always the angel that she's today, when we were growing up:) Just a little pushy she was, for the best in us. There was one thing in particular that she was obsessed with - A Smile ! She would literally push us to Smile:) "When you smile" she still says, "the whole world smiles back".

That's how I grew up - Smiling:)
When I was 17, and they were sending me on an exchange, this time the Rotarians were obsessed with one thing - Always Smile !! "When you smile" they would say, " everyone smiles back"

So I Smile:)
Last year, when I was in India, there was one thing our yoga instructor would repeat continously - "with a gentle Smile!" Even when we were in an agonizing posture, she would say "get into this asana, inhaleeee, With a Gentle Smile !!! "(in the most wonderful Indian accent of course:))

Now, even in our yoga classes, I try to smile:)
Couple sessions ago, my wonderful instructor Deniz, introduced us to "Power Yoga" (without warning :)). She was trying to get our minds to get used to staying in an asana for many many breaths. She would say, "try  Smiling". Well, as soon as I smiled, my mind relaxed and I realized, it's so silly to push, reject and complain when we're in a wonderful asana:) As my mind relaxed, so did my body and I was ready for more :)

As I said, the way the universe works, amazes me each time I'm smart enough to realize... I've been Smiling my whole life :) Now I know, when I Smile, my  whole body Smiles ...

Let's Smile !!! Always start the day With A Gentle Smile, for the universe is more than ready to Smile back :)

Begin with Yoga, Begin with a Smile :)

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