Dec 1, 2009

The Other Person is Really Me !!!

Couple days ago, I was reading an article about Kundalini yoga and I came across the saying "Recognize that the other person is you" from Yogi Bhajan. Then I remembered what we talked about with my dear friend Simone, couple months ago in India. On february 2009, during our yoga instructor's course in Bangalore India, I was having a hard time agreeing with and liking a guy in our class, well with everything he did or say, he got to my nerves. Simone found it interesting and asked me questions like "what exactly don't you like about him, how do you exactly feel when he talks to you? " and so on... As I began to answer the questions, she said " do you realize, the things you don't like about him, are the exact things you also don't like about yourself !!! " Well this got me thinking :)
When we look at the people in our lives, the people we love, people we call our "friends", people we work with, people we can't seem to get along, they all have one or two characteristics that we share. People we care about and want to be with, have the characteristics we have and love about ourselves. People we can't stand, usually do or have the exact same thing that we don't like about ourselves. Look around you, and try to put into exact words what you like and don't like about them. You will realize, what you are trying to explain is YOU.
Simone says, we collect the people we need, in our lives. We need to meet with and recognize ourselves. We see our good characteristics in the people we love, and we see and repel our own unpleasant characteristics in the people we can't get along.
It is very important to realize this because as soon as we realize, we can't not like anyone. Everyone becomes our mirror, one angle or another. And once we realize this we start cherishing each and every person in our life.
Whenever, I realize something about my self that is so simple and also so complicated, I can't help to have a Gentle Smile, on my face :) 

Always remember, the other person is You.
know yourself, be free, live long and Begin with Yoga 


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